Catterick Garrison's No 1 Computer Shop

Our shop is open! Please maintain social distancing. The use of face masks is mandatory.

If you have any enquiries, click here to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

This website will be closed in October 2020, but you can continue to visit us at our shop and contact us via email or phone below.

We run a series of training courses covering;-

  • Microsoft Word (for word processing items such as letters, documents, CV's, a genders, minutes, notices and posters etc).  
  • Microsoft excel (to enable you to calculate your monthly spending, create graphs and charts etc).
  • Power point (to create presentations, poster and animations).
  • Access (to create a database top store peoples names, addresses and contact details or to to create a catalogue of all your DVD's, computer games or books). You can also create a data base to store important information for example renewable dates for insurances or subscriptions, purchase and expiry dates for electrical products so you know when the warranty runs out or just a list of passwords that can be kept securely).
  • Publisher (to create posters, leaflets and notices to promote your business.  You can also produce merchandise to promote your company or business for example calenders).
  • Outlook (show you how to set up an email account so you can send and receive emails).
  • One note (create a range of documents that can be easily shared).

Operating systems

We run courses on how to use

  • Windows 10
  • Android 4 and 5
  • IOS 7